Monday, 25 August 2014

20 model set, an alternative model...

Following on from the 15 model set alternative model I just had to have a go at the 20 model set. Out of the three new Multimodel sets (see HERE) this seems to be the one that most people seem to like. Last weekend at Blists Hill, there was a little boy who came up to the display and picked up the made up 20 model racing car and really didn't want to put it down. Several heart felt pleas, first to his mum and then his dad, only secured the release of the model when a promise to visit the local Smyths Toys was secured from both parents. At one point I thought the little boy might insist on a written agreement so determined was he! It is encouraging to see such passion from one so young.

Complete with spare wheel...
Meccano seem determined to use as many parts as possible, including the motor, in every model they show on the back of the box. Why? I have long championed the use of fewer parts when making alternative models. This model is no exception. the most obvious omission is the motor. I have also left a sprinkling of parts and fixings in the box.

Shiny chrome (well, zinc) bumpers
 I started from the back. the formed braces girders will just about bolt together  for a better looking structure to represent the rear of the trike. Those little rubbery grips that everybody loves so much have been used here to secure the rods that make up the bumper rods in place as well as give the hand grips some... well, grip! This trick has steering albeit limited just like some of the real 'chopped' trikes.

A few gears, strategically placed, allude to an engine
 Again this model is not meant to be a scale model but it is obvious what it is supposed to be, and no, I have not motorised it even though the set does contain a motor. I am reasonably pleased with this one and it goes to show that this set does have some mileage. The little boy I mentioned earlier could obviously see the potential - maybe one day he will be sitting down reminiscing about that first Meccano set...


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