Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Back to reality...

From the time we left here last Wednesday, to go to SkegEx 15, to the time we arrived back on Monday evening we just did not stop. It is one big merry-go-round from packing the van, setting up, manning the stand and being parts of the social life in the evenings, sleeping and back on the stand. The interest in the new product range and packaging was manic. The really nice thing about the weekend, and what made it so rewarding, was that without exception, everybody was being complimentary about the packing and the new models.

G15 KS was a hit with the selfie brigade!
Meccanoid stole the show but the new Thunderbird 2 was also a big hit. It makes such a change to stand there and agree with the comments, something that has not happened before. We usually find ourselves trying to justify what is in front of us. I have been emphasising that Meccano in the real word is a toy. It is only going to be successful if it can become a must-have brand with the kids and the parents alike. Again, for the first time in decade the kids were excited, not only with Meccanoid (which everybody loves - even my 88 year old Mum is taken with him!) but with the classic sets. I am sure this is because they can relate to the models. What's more, it is not just the boys. The girls like a lots of the classic sets too.

On the Friday evening Sue and I were asked to talk about flowers, Meccano and the new product range, after the official SkegEx 15 dinner, held in The Vine Hotel, Skegness. Tim managed to make a reasonable recording under far from perfect conditions and here are the highlights for those who are interested. Sue started it off with a short talk about Meccano, flowers and a gold medal. Sue's video is only five minutes.

I then took up the baton and did my bit.  Anyone who knows me will tell you I am not shy about getting up there and saying my piece, but I can tell you I have not felt so nervous about addressing a crowd for years - you can tell by the Umms and Errs and the fact that most of the talking is done with my arms! I was not aware I did that! Anyway I hope this short video is informative and not too long - at just a shade over 10 minutes.

Before we set off for Skegness, we had started to talk about the new sets. We had got as far as the Space Quest set see HERE. The next two to be put under the spotlight will be the Desert Adventure 20 model set and the Mountain Rally 25 model set. Both these sets make up well and include some new parts - we particularly like the new tyres!  Below are a couple of publicity shots of the two box-art models. Keep coming back and checking, lots more to add over the rest of this week and next.

Desert Adventure - The tyres look good!
Mountain Rally - Nice profile and new parts!

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