Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Meccano 2015 sets...

We have just received a taster of the new models for next year. These are for spring release and do not yet include any of the earth shattering new developments scheduled for autumn 2015. We have been told that some of those items will be available to publish soon.
Re-issue of the ATV in green
The first picture is more illustration than photograph but you get the idea. If you compare it with the box art of the original, see HERE. You will note the track rods on the suspension are shown as being made up from three parts using the short coupling to join two plastic mouldings. This never made it to production on the yellow version and I am sure it will be a one piece moulding on this.

Evolution off roader
A neat looking off-roader may not appeal to die-hard enthusiast but looks to have lots of play value for the target market. The use of the little gripper collars continues for now but so long as the axles are long enough they should work on these non-powered models. I know Meccano are working on the problem and are aware it is a weak point. Having said that, the model will have a limited appeal to the enthusiast, although it will make a good source of parts and there are a growing number of sets now being finished in orange.

Evolution R/C racer
This chassis has been around for a while now and this simple superstructure makes a good-looking model in red/black/white which always works well. Selective and restrained (please!) use of stickers dresses the finished model.

Multimodel airport fire tender
For a compact model this fire tender paints the picture in simple terms. Few parts will make this easy to assemble and it has great play potential. Red parts will appeal to us, and I suspect a few others. Note the inclusion of Evolution parts into the Multimodel range - good move Meccano!

Multimodel - loader?
Another small model with a few interesting features such as the Evolution wheel hubs, used in conjunction with the nobly tyres, that have been around for a while. I must admit to being a little confused as to what this model is representing. It looks like a loader in a vague sort of way but that could be the challenge; to make it a working model. Thinking caps on!

The new 10-model set Jet fighter
Interesting set this, incorporating some of the not so common triangular plates. This set is also full of useful zinc parts. Note the use of those orange driving dogs as the ends of the jet engines.

More news as soon as we get it. The really exciting stuff is coming in the autumn of 2015 and as soon as we get details, which should be very soon, as the Toy Fair season is just around the corner, we will let you know.


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