Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Nellie gets new legs!

Nellie now has four grey legs - that's better!
You may remember when I came to build Nellie, a couple of months ago I was short of grey 'legs'. See my previous post HERE. At the time I could only lay my hands on one in grey. I have plenty of them in different colours but have you ever seen an elephant with yellow legs? If you have then you might not care to admit it! I tried a few friends and in the end Dave Taylor came up with one from his vast stock and my mate Peter Goddard from WLMS came up with another. This now meant I had three...

... Nothing for it, I would have to arrange for one to be stolen from an assembled model we have.

Hmmm... That's the bit
A whisper in the right ear and this bloke with hooped shirt and black mask said he could get me one for a small consideration.

He won't miss it
I thought that bloke looked a bit dodgy, but he was as good as his word, and now Nellie has four matching legs. Sue is now complaining that you can't leave anything alone for five minutes without someone pinching something... Really Dear?


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