Monday, 21 April 2014

Dynamic bike!

The engine looks the part!
After building the new Evolution Chopper bikes I thought I would have a go at something from years gone by. I came across a Motorbike set from the range of sets that Meccano labelled 'Dynamic' made over 20 years ago in France.

These sets featured zinc/red/yellow parts and although some of the new plastic parts were appearing for the first time, there were still some brass parts included.  The tyres, to fit 1½ inch pulleys, are of a design I had not seen before and look more like motorcycle tyres. Dated 1993, I guess they must have been new parts at the time.

Dynamic motorbike set
The instructions are very colourful, you could say Dynamic, and feature a comical cartoon character who ends up holding an oil after spending the whole time constantly waving his finger at you!  He even dons full leathers and a crash helmet pointing (again) at his finished bike. Once you get your eye in the instructions are very clear but they get a bit of getting used to.

The bike from the otherside
The build was easy although a bit fiddly in places. I was impressed with the engine, it makes up easily and really looks like a motorcycle engine. As I have said before, I know nothing about bikes, I just like the look of them. However, I am not at all sure about the spring arrangement for the front forks  - is there a prototype that has springs at the top like they are arranged on this model? 

Overall, I was pleased with the way this bike went together and the finished model is solid, looks the part and I enjoyed building it.



  1. Do they still sell them in stores? I would like to get one for myself. Like at Walmart, Target,and Toys R Us.

  2. Unfortunately that bike is long out of production but I do have one This one featured here in fact) for sale on my shop - see here: